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Owning a business requires a team approach in structure and organization, and it is crucial to have qualified members as part of your team.

Because you have worked long and hard to grow your company, you must hire an effective team to protect your company. You need an accountant to take care of financial matters, executives and business consultants to help you make decisions and competent legal counsel for legal matters.As members of your company?s legal team, we can advise you on decisions you need to protect your business and represent you in business litigation disputes.

Our business law attorneys can provide sound legal advice, informed business planning, artful business document and contract drafting, skilled negotiation and zealous litigation to protect your business’s reputation, finances, and structure.

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When you are a business owner in Virginia, Maryland or D.C., you need strong legal counsel on your team whether it is for operational advice or when you are facing litigation.

Pirsch & Associates represents clients with business law issues including business legal advice, skillful handling of commercial transactions or aggressive litigation in contractual dispute so call us to schedule a confidential business consultation.


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