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Attorneys For The Buying and Selling Of Businesses

Purchasing and Selling Business Lawyers ? Roadmap to Business Prosperity

An experienced business attorney is essential when you are considering selling a business from which you are retiring, or you want to acquire and revitalize an existing company. When you hire us, we can make the process of buying and selling a business proceed quickly and efficiently. Whether your buying or selling of a business is structured as an acquisition or a merger, we will help you protect your interest with the goal of guiding you through a seamless transition.

Our business law firm analyzes proposals for business opportunities, scrutinizes purchase and sale contracts, assesses possible risks and liabilities and provides comprehensive services to facilitate closings for the purchase or sale of businesses in Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C.

Business Acquisitions and Sales

If you are considering the purchase or sale of a business, any proposal must be carefully analyzed to avoid unexpected liabilities or risks. Our law firm will carefully draft, review and negotiate contracts on your behalf that will minimize your risk and avoid potential problems. We will protect your interest from the initial proposal to the closing of the business transaction so that your interests are consistently protected.

Some examples of business transaction documentation that we can assist you with:

Buy-Sell Agreements

Letters of Intent

Business Mergers

Asset Purchase Agreements

Stock Purchase Agreements

Escrow Agreements

Our clients who are involved in a business acquisition come to us for initial strategic planning to determine the best structure for managing the transaction. We work closely with our clients all the way through to the closing. Our business acquisition attorneys manage the execution of the entire deal and provide legal counsel on issues that may impact the transaction including tax, employment, regulatory, real property and other issues that may impact or derail the transaction. Our business attorneys have far reaching experience and current knowledge of the varied business and legal issues that can affect your business acquisition transaction.

Hiring Your Acquisition and Merger Attorney – Buying and Selling a Business

Our attorneys assist in performing due diligence, researching business assets and debts, and advising buyers and sellers through all phases in the purchase or sale of a business. When you are buying or selling a business in Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C., our mergers and acquisitions team can protect your interest so call Pirsch & Associates, PLLC at 703-548-5182, and we can begin evaluating your proposal for a business opportunity today. Our law office accepts major credit cards.

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