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Protecting Your Interests in Virginia Divorce Lawyers Mediation If you’re considering divorce in Northern Virginia, or if you have been served with a divorce summons or property settlement agreement (PSA) during a period of separation, you stand to benefit from the advice of a lawyer who can guide you toward sound decisions based on a

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When facing the prospect of divorce, it is a very stressful and uncertain time.  If your marriage is one of long duration, you may have substantial marital assets that you worked hard in or out of the home to build.  Dividing the assets and debts during divorce can be complicated if you have a high

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The divorce process in Virginia is emotionally draining and can be financially draining as well.  It is important that when you make the decision that you are going to seek a divorce that you understand all of the available option so you can choose the approach best suited to your individual situation.  Sometimes a divorce

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A property settlement agreement (PSA) is also known as a marital separation agreement.  When a couple is going through a divorce, this is a negotiated instrument that is used to outline how property and debts will be divided and how spousal support, child support and custody are to be resolved.  If properly designed and drafted

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