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Commercial Leases Anticipating and Avoiding Problems– Commercial Leasing Lawyers

If you become stuck in a bad commercial lease arrangement it can seriously impair the profitability of your business. There are so many issues when starting a business that carefully combing through the minutia stated in page after page of a commercial lease may seem somewhat daunting. However, commercial leases typically favor the landlord. The selection of commercial lease arrangements and the terms of the lease can have a major impact on profitability of your business. We carefully review the potential legal, regulatory, zoning, contractual issues and ever other aspect of your commercial lease.

Our attorneys can help make sure that you understand the terms of the proposed lease and assist you in attempting to negotiate more favorable terms to make sure your interests are protected.

Negotiating Commercial Leases

We help our clients choose the most appropriate commercial arrangements for their business needs. We also review, negotiate, and modify lease agreements for you so that you end up with a lease that you understand and that is not entirely weighted in the landlord?s favor as many standard commercial leases.

Commercial landlords can be very savvy when it comes to the commercial lease of a retail space. The landlord also may have knowledge of problems or issues associated with the commercial space that may have caused problems or incurred costs for prior tenants in the business space. This knowledge provides the landlord with an advantage when negotiating with you about their property.

There are some key principles we use when we work with commercial landlords.

Landlords need to rent their commercial property just as much as you need to rent a commercial property. Do not let them create the illusion of scarcity.

We know that everything in the lease is negotiable. If you do not like something in the lease or we see something that may cause a problem for you, we will discuss the negative implications of the provision or language and can negotiate a change in the lease terms.

When you are setting up your space, it is often possible to get free rent for the first few months. We may be able to negotiate an upfront “rent abatement” for you.

Landlords frequently will contribute to the modification of the space by contributing funds through a “build out” allowance. This can save you a lot of money

Landlords will often limit your liability under the lease in the event of default.

Representation of Commercial Property Owners

If you are a landlord, you know the importance of obtaining prompt rental payments and compliance with other lease terms. When a commercial tenant is in breach of their lease, you need firm and prompt enforcement of the lease agreement. If you need an unlawful detainer action filed or preparation and service of a 3 day notice to pay or quit, we will move quickly because we know that any delay is costly.

Your Negotiating Partners

We can work together with you to locate a commercial space to meet your needs and then negotiate the best commercial lease terms for you. We can assist with commercial lease arrangements with all types of commercial properties including commercial office complexes, commercial shopping centers, retail spaces and shopping centers, warehouse leases and other commercial lease properties. We meticulously review the terms of our clients’ commercial leases so that our clients fully understand any potential issues before entering a commercial lease relationship.

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