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Virginia Uncontested Divorce and Contested Divorce Lawyers.

The divorce process in Virginia is emotionally draining and can be financially draining as well. It is important that when you make the decision that you are going to seek a divorce that you understand all of the available option so you can choose the approach best suited to your individual situation. Sometimes a divorce can be very quick and inexpensive while other times it is much more complicated.

The family law attorneys at Pirsch and Associates, PLLC can provide sound legal advice and guide you through this emotional time. We counsel our clients regarding all of their options. If you have only been married for a short period of time and have no children together and no significant assets or debts that were accumulated during your marriage, we may be able to facilitate an efficient inexpensive uncontested divorce. This process may not be appropriate where there are more complex issues including contested child custody, spousal support or division of substantial assets or debts.

Even when your divorce involves these more complex issues, we will always try to resolve them through a negotiated uncontested divorce. It is only when you and your spouse cannot agree to the resolution of a property of child custody issue that you are not willing to mediate that we may need to litigate the resolution of that issue in the courtroom. We try to avoid that by encouraging our clients and their spouses to work out an agreement. However, we will aggressively fight for our clients in the courtroom.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is one in which you and your spouse are able to agree on how to resolve all of the issues in your divorce. This is the best kind of divorce to get because it is less complicated, inexpensive and quick. If you and your spouse agree on all issues, your agreement on child custody, property and debt division, child support and alimony may all be included in a marital settlement agreement (aka ?property settlement agreement?). If you agree on all issues and prepare a property settlement agreement, this will allow you to save time and money.

Generally, it is not advisable to seek an uncontested divorce without legal advice. There are many mistakes that can be made in attempting to negotiate and prepare a marital settlement agreement that can prove costly later or result in unintended consequences. Our experienced Virginia uncontested divorce attorneys can evaluate the content of your potential agreement with your spouse. We can make sure you are aware of how the court would likely handle these issues and advice you regarding any potential pitfalls in your proposed settlement. For example, you and your spouse may attempt to negotiate a permanent waiver of child support as part of your marital settlement. However, you are not legally permitted to waive child support so this can result in your marital settlement being held invalid. We can help you make sure that you avoid this type of mistake.

Also, you may not anticipate all of the issues that may subsequently arise. Our experience allows us to draft settlement agreements for you for cover all contingencies.

Our experienced Virginia divorce attorneys also artfully craft a property settlement agreement to ensure it meets all legal requirements and conforms to your understanding of the agreement. The guidance of an experienced Virginia family law attorney can save you time and money by assisting you in avoiding critical mistakes.

Contested Divorce

If you cannot agree as a couple about the terms of your divorce on issues like division of assets or debts, the custody of your children or alimony, then you will need to have the court make orders in a contested divorce. We generally will try to negotiate a settlement for our clients even if you and your spouse initially disagree on certain issues. The more issues that we can resolve through negotiation, the greater the chance of reducing the cost and conflict associated with your divorce.

Even if we cannot settle all issues, we will seek to resolve as many issues as possible so that we reduce the number of issues to be resolved at trial. Our goal is to diffuse conflict and promote win-win solutions. We realize that the more skillful our negotiation of contested issues the better chance we have to reduce the cost and stress associated with your divorce process. While we are ready to employ persuasive advocacy and zealous representation in court, we know that negotiated settlements are the best way for us to help protect your from unnecessary cost, stress and hostility.

Retaining a Virginia Divorce Attorney

Many Virginia residents that attempt divorce without legal advice suffer devastating financial and emotional repercussions. Whether our role is to facilitate an uncontested divorce or represent you on contested issues, we put the long-term physical, financial and emotional needs of you and your children as our highest priority. It is our hope that you end up with a relatively stress free and inexpensive uncontested divorce rather than a contested divorce, but we are here to assist and advice you either way.

Whether you are involved in an uncontested divorce in Virginia or a divorce involving contested issues, our experienced divorce and family law attorneys will provide sound legal advice as well as compassionate and zealous representation of your best interest so call Pirsch & Associates to schedule a free consultation at 703-548-5182.

Our divorce and family law firm serves the needs of clients in Northern Virginia. We also provide convenient and easy payment options including major credit cards and flat rates for some legal matters.

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