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As our society grows older, the need for comprehensive advice about the legal objectives of senior citizens grows more important. The relatively new field of elder law attorney combines experience in estate planning, disability planning tax law and probate to help older people enjoy ther retirement with the greatest possible comfort and security.

Pirsch & Associates, PLLC is here to help senior citizens with issues such as financial planning, long-term care issues and asset protection. Our goal is to help you plan for your retirement so that you can experience the most comfort and security as possible. The process of growing older can present financial, family, and medical challenges. We can help you and your family effectively meet these challenges with strategic planning for your senior years.

Middle-Aged People Stand to Benefit Most From Elder Law Advice

The best time to seek elder law services is early before you even believe that you are at the stage in your life when you need an elder law attorney. Once you start approaching the age of 60, you’re old enough to visualize some of the hard realities and expenses that old age might throw at you. You might as well have an elderly parent living through the same challenges. Our elder law attorneys combine expertise and experience in the fields of estate planning, disability planning, tax law and probate to help older people plan for their senior years and enjoy the greatest degree of comfort and security.

If you start planning for your senior years while you are young, you can maximize your options for dealing with these challenges and have time to consult with legal experts who can help you develop the best estate planning strategies for your later years.

Medicaid to Provide Long-Term Care

Medicaid may be a benefit that you want to plan for if you are in the middle class with a net worth of less than several million and you are aware that you are facing a long term disability that will require long term care. You do not want to find yourself facing potential annual long-term care expenses of $150,000 or more, which is more than most of us can afford.

Especially if you must pay for long-term care because you did not purchase long term care insurance, the prospect of not qualifying for Medicaid because you do not qualify under the means test is a very serious issue. Careful financial planning while you are still young will allow you to transfer assets lawfully outside the five year look back window when the state granting you Medicaid can examine property or asset transfers.

We can advise you regarding the benefits of specific asset transfers and whether it is better to transfer the asset into a trust or to make an outright transfer.


Sooner or later, everyone gets old. People with older parents can be faced with the issue of guardianship/ conservatorship when these loved ones are diagnosed with dementia, experience a stroke or other age related loss of responsible judgement. Our knowledgeable team of elder law attorneys can advise you when it comes to establishing a guardianship and conservatorship, which may include issues ranging from asset management to providing for your physical needs and care.

Effective estate planning has provided a way for many of our clients to avoid guardianship and conservatorship proceedings in probate court but sometimes you will need to intervene for the protection of an older loved one with declining faculties through a guardianship/conservatorship proceeding despite the estate plan. Needing to intervene for the protection of an older loved one with declining faculties is increasingly common as the average age of our population continues to rise. It is sometimes necessary to obtain a judicial finding of incompetence when trying to protect a vulnerable parent. We know that this process not only poses legal issues but emotional issues. We have assisted many families just like yours through the guardianship/conservatorship process in probate court and can help you navigate the legal and procedural hurdles in the guardianship/conservatorship process.

When you are planning for the future stability of your senior years, the experienced elder law attorneys at Pirsch & Associate, PLLC can help you make your senior years as comfortable, stress free and secure as possible so contact us at 703-548-5182 to schedule your initial consultation.

Our elder law attorneys serve the needs of clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our Alexandria elder law firm offers convenient payment arrangements including major credit cards and flat fees for certain legal matters.

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