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Offer in Compromise Attorneys

Offer in Compromise Lawyers – Providing Needed Tax Relief

If you find yourself buried in debt to the IRS and/or state tax authorities and are struggling to pay the debt, you are in good company. You may even have diligently tried to make installment payments, but as the interest and penalties accrued you realized that you will never be able to pay off your tax obligations. In such situations, there are solutions that may help alleviate your tax debt and satisfy the IRS at the same time.


An Offer in Compromise

The IRS and state tax authorities can sometimes be amenable to negotiation and an Offer in Compromise. We can negotiate with them to pay it as much as you can toward the tax debt in one lump sum. The amount of the offer is not an amount that comes out of the blue. The IRS and the state examines your financial records so it has a clear picture of your financial situation when you make your offer.

More than likely the IRS and/or the state is not going to take a $1,000 offer on a $10,000 tax bill. The reason the IRS and/or the state is even willing to consider offers like this is because it allows it to close their books on your file and expend their energy on the next case down the line. You also are displaying a sincere effort and commitment toward paying your debt so we may be able to help you make your debt and any liens go away. The IRS or state tax body may regard recovering some money as better than getting no money at all so an offer in compromise can be a win-win tax debt solution.

Hiring a Tax Attorney

An Offer in Compromise might sound reasonably straightforward and easy to accomplish but in fact they can be very complicated. The negotiation process involved in reaching an Offer in Compromise can take upwards of 6 months to 2 years to accomplish.

If our tax debt law firm handles your tax matter, our attorneys will handle all negotiation and communication so that you will not have to deal with the challenges and anxiety of dealing directly with IRS or state taxing agents. While the Offer in Compromise is pending, we can prevent the IRS or state tax authority from taking any levy or seizure action. This can free you from this threat; however, a notice of Federal Tax Lien or state tax lien can still be filed while the Offer of Compromise is pending.

When you need tax debt settlement relief from the IRS or state tax authority , we invite you to speak with our experienced tax debt settlement attorneys. Our tax debt settlement attorneys can begin negotiating an Offer in Compromise as soon as you have retained our tax law firm so call Pirsch & Associates to schedule your confidential tax debt relief consultation free at 703-548-5182.

Our tax debt settlement attorneys serve the needs of clients with serious unpaid tax problems throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. We can explain your rights and potential tax debt negotiation options and provide convenient options for retaining our law firm including flat fee arrangements in some cases and acceptance of credit cards.

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