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Estate and Gift Tax Planning Attorneys in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia

Protecting What Took a Lifetime to Build – Estate and Gift Tax Planning

Estate and gift tax planning often work in conjunction with other estate planning goals like avoiding probate, providing for the care of minors, and business succession planning.

Pirsch & Associates provides legal services and advice to families who want to avoid paying 35-45% of their estate in estate and gift taxes to the IRS above the ?exempt? amount. Currently the exempt amount is $5 million. However, absent action from Congress in 2012, the exempt amount for estate and gift taxes will decrease to $1 million in 2013 and the marginal tax rate will be 55%. Many people fail to take the proper tax planning measures to minimize the estate and gift taxes that may take away from what is left over for their beneficiaries.

When you work with our team of estate & gift planning and tax attorneys, we will accurately determine the value of your estate and show you all the benefits of estate and gift tax planning.

Some of the strategies and tools we can help you with include:

  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Section 529 tuition savings plans
  • Periodic gifts to adult children or into trusts for minors during your lifetime
  • Special needs trusts to secure the care of vulnerable persons or those with disabilities
  • Credit shelter trusts to extend the benefit of the federal tax exemption
  • Charitable lead and remainder trusts
  • Qualified residence trust
  • Qualified annuity trust

We can review your estate plan every four or five years to make sure it still meets your needs and whenever a significant life-changing event occurs. Federal tax laws, IRS regulations and your circumstances continue to change, and we are here to keep your estate plan current. When you are planning for the future financial security of your family, we invite you to speak with our experienced estate planning & wealth management attorneys to protect and preserve for your family what you have worked a lifetime to build.

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Our estate planning law attorneys serve the needs of clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our estate planning and wealth management law firm accepts all major credit cards and offers a flat fee for certain legal services.

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