Gun / Weapons Charges
Gun / Weapons Charges


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Are You Facing Gun Charges in Virginia?

Gun / Weapons Charges

Gun / Weapons Charges

Weapons charges at the state level in Virginia can result in prison, fines and a permanent blemish on your criminal record.  If you are charged in conjunction with another crime, it can increase your penalties and jail time. Even if you get stopped for a traffic violation and have a lawfully owned gun in your possession, the traffic citation can turn into a serious gun charge.

Weapons Under Virginia Law

An instrument that is likely to produce death or great bodily harm from its use is considered a deadly weapon.  Here are just some items that are considered weapons in the State of Virginia: Pistol, Revolver, Bowie knife, Switchblade knife, Machete, Razor, Slingshot, Blackjack, Nun Chucks, Ballistic knife, Dirk, Spring Stick and any weapon of like kind.

The criminal defense law firm of Pirsch & Associates represents clients on all gun and weapons charges including the following:

  • Possession of a weapon without a permit
  • Unlawfully concealing a weapon
  • Carrying a firearm
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Willfully discharging firearms in public places
  • Possession or transportation of a firearm by a convicted felon
  • Use or display of a firearm in the commission of a felony

Anything can be used as a weapon.  When most people think of a weapon, they think of a gun or a knife.  A person can be charged with a weapon offense even if the attack involves a baseball bat, frying pan, crowbar or kitchen knife.

Concealed Weapons

Virginia allows the carrying of concealed weapons with a properly issued government permit.  If a person does not have a permit and is carrying a concealed weapon, then it is a crime.   The prosecutor must prove the following facts to obtain a conviction on a concealed weapon charge.  The prosecutor must prove that you carried a weapon about your person and that it was hidden from common observation.

The penalties for carrying a concealed weapon in Virginia are as follows:

  • The first offense is a Class 1 Misdemeanor
  • The second offense is a Class 6 Felony
  • The third offense is a Class 5 Felony

The prosecutor must prove that a person carried a weapon on his person and it was hidden from common observation.

Possession of a Weapon by a Convicted Felon

If you are a convicted felon and have been charged with possession of a firearm, then you will be charged with a felony and will face a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison if you were convicted of a violent offense.  If you were convicted of a felony in the previous 10 years, then you could be looking at 2 years in prison.

Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony

If you have committed a felony and used a firearm, then you will be charged with the crime itself and a separate firearm charge.  This is punishable by a mandatory minimum of 3 years in prison on the first offense and five years in prison on the second offense.

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The loss of freedom and the penalties that accompany a firearms or weapons conviction are extremely severe.  If you are charged with any weapons or gun charge in Virginia, it is essential that you obtain legal advice immediately.  These charges may result in lengthy terms in prison so it is imperative that you do not speak to anyone until you are represented by an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney.  At Pirsch & Associates, we represent those charged with gun offenses and weapons charges so call us today to schedule a confidential consultation at 703-548-5182 or visit us at our offices:

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Our Alexandria law firm provides zealous criminal defense to those accused of weapons and gun charges throughout Northern Virginia. Our criminal defense law firm provides convenient and easy payment terms including acceptance of all major credit cards and may represent you on a flat fee basis depending on the specific circumstances of your case. We know that a serious weapons conviction can turn your life upside down, and our attorneys are prepared to fight for you life and your freedom.

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