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Tax Lien Lawyers — Federal & State Tax Debt

When you have a substantial amount of back taxes owed to a government, the IRS or a state tax authority may use a tax lien to encumber your real property or seize your personal property. When this kind of lien is used to encumber a person?s property, it essentially puts the IRS or state debt ahead of unsecured creditors to facilitate collection. It also may result in the IRS or state seizing property subject to tax lien encumbrances.In other words, state and federal tax entities can take what you own in order to pay off your unpaid tax obligations. Federal and state tax entities often use liens on bank accounts or real property.

Tax Liens

A tax lien grants legal claim to the IRS or state over the personal property or real property that is subject to the lien. The lien will be reported to the credit reporting bureaus and impact your credit. Further, the lien may result in seizure of your assets in bank accounts or encumbrances that may impair your ability to refinance or transfer real property.

The IRS may file a tax lien if and only if:

  • The IRS assesses your tax debt.
  • The IRS notifies you and sends demand for payment.
  • You do not respond in payment within 10 days of notification.

Having the Lien Released

The good news is that the notice of lien is only in place until you take action to release it. The lien can be cleared when the IRS has deemed that your debt is satisfied. You can satisfy the debt by paying it in full in cash, or it will be satisfied 30 days following your last payment on the debt if you are making payments.

A federal tax lien may be removed in the following circumstances:

The lien does not comply with IRS regulations.

You elect to participate in a payment plan upon the filing of the lien.

Release of the lien allows for payment to be made more quickly.

The IRS decides it is better for it and taxpayers

You petition to the IRS for the release of the lien in order to sell the property which usually requires the net proceeds to be paid to the IRS.

You can also file an appeal of any federal tax lien issued against you.

Hiring the Best Tax Attorney

Hiring the best tax lien attorney means hiring an attorney who will analyze how the lien came about, the kinds of property to which the lien attaches, the duration of the lien, the priority of the lien and most importantly the circumstances under which the IRS will remove the lien.

When we sit down together in our office, we can discuss all of these issues surrounding your tax debt lien and come up with a strategy aimed at getting it released. A lien is something you want removed as soon as possible because it encumbers your property and limits your financial options. When you are faced with a federal or state tax debt lien in Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C., our experienced tax lien attorneys may be able to help. Call us at Pirsch & Associates to a tax lien consultation at 703-548-5182

Our federal and state tax debt attorneys assist clients throughout Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland have helped lots of people just like you seek relief from tax liens. We provide a variety of easy payment terms including credit cards and sometimes flat fee arrangements.

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