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Our goal in helping you set up your business entity is to thoroughly understand the needs and goals of your business. We work with your tax professionals and other members of your business team to determine which corporate structure will best fit your new business venture.

You will be faced with many different decisions when forming your corporation. We can help you make those decisions while you stick to what you know best, which is running your business.

After choosing the appropriate business organization for your entity, there will be many organizational matters that we can help you address.

The Corporate Structure

A corporation offers the protection from personal liability that comes with incorporation because a corporation is a separate legal entity from its owner, the shareholder.

Its advantages include:

The corporation has an independent life separate from its owners. If its owners should die or become incapacitated, then it can continue on without them.

The company can change ownership by simply a sale or gifting of its shares, and this does not disturb the inside workings of the business at all.

The finances and records are separate from that of its owners.

This type of entity can often obtain money through lenders easier depending upon its business record.

A corporation is formed by the filing of Articles of Incorporation with the designated state corporate office. The internal operation of a corporation is governed by by-laws also adopted by the shareholders of the corporation. Annual meetings of the shareholders are required each year to elect the directors who are in turn required to meet once a year to elect the officers of the corporation who manage the business of the corporation on a day –to-to day basis.

Although the structure of a corporation remains the same for state purposes, a corporation may elect to be one of two income tax treatments: a “Ccorporation status or an “Scorporation status.

A C Corp is a double taxation entity in that both the corporation and individual shareholders are taxed.

A C Corp differs from an S Corp in a number of other ways including:

C Corps may have an unlimited number of shareholders

Owners need not be U.S. citizens or legal residents

Shares may be owned by other businesses rather than individuals

An “S Corporation” is a corporation that is taxed under Subchapter S of the IRS Code. The advantage of an S Corporation is that is taxed as a partnership. The S Corporation pays no income taxes, and corporate income or loss is passed through directly to the stockholders.

Hiring a Business Attorney

Whether you are evaluating the tax consequences of business entity selection or trying to secure financing for your new business, we can help you.Protecting the stability and the long-term success of your organization is our number one concern. We have the knowledge and skill to assist and guide you through tough business decisions.

When you are faced with choosing an organizational structure for your business or need help in the formation or operation of your corporation, you need to speak with our experienced business law attorneys at 703-548-5182.

We provide comprehensive incorporation services throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. We offer flexible payment terms including credit card payments and even flat rates for some legal services.

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