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Wage Garnishment Solution Attorneys

If you feel that the IRS or State could garnish your wages you must act now.

Wage Garnishment Solution Lawyers for Federal & State Tax Debt

When you owe the IRS a tax debt, they can seek an order to take money directly from your paycheck in order to pay back your unpaid tax obligations. This is called a wage garnishment. The IRS notifies your employer via a notice directing the employer to deduct a certain percentage from your pay each pay cycle until the amount of the garnishment (i.e. unpaid tax) has been paid in full.

If you are a wage earner or salaried employee, a wage garnishment is a powerful tool frequently used by the IRS and state taxing authorities to recover unpaid tax.

Wage garnishments can leave you with a small fraction of your paycheck in hand each week. Garnishments by the IRS can take between 30-70% of your paycheck. This type of involuntary collection can destroy your career, family, and your business.

Tax Liens With Wage Garnishments

An IRS tax lien is a claim used as security for the tax debt. A lien against your personal or business assets is often used along with a wage garnishment. The IRS or state taxing agency is trying to get you back paying your debt so we may be able to negotiate withdrawal of the wage garnishment or lien. Tax liens can compound your problems because they show up on your credit report and can encumber your personal property and real estate so that you cannot sell these assets to help alleviate your tax problems.

The IRS will typically use wage garnishment as a method to collect taxes owed when a taxpayer has not responded to its efforts to collect money. It is important to also realize that when a garnishment is in place, you are still continuing to pay interest and penalty on the unpaid tax. Over time, the penalties and tax easily can exceed the amount of the original tax.

Get a Tax Attorney to Obtain Wage Garnishment Solutions

When you receive a collection notice from the IRS, contact us immediately so we can discuss your situation and begin working on a solution. When the IRS is trying to collect a debt from you, its collection procedures fall under Fair Tax Collection Practices Act (Internal Revenue Code ?6304). The IRS investigators are very good at interrogations and will use incriminating information that you provide against you. If an attorney represents you, the IRS cannot contact you directly but must communicate with your tax attorney.

When you are faced with a wage garnishment from the IRS or state tax entities in Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C., we are prepared to fight to protect your income and negotiate with the IRS or state taxing authority on your behalf to seek an offer in compromise or a payment plan so that the taxing authority will either not instistute the wage garnishment action or will dismiss the wage garnishment action.Once started, its harder to stop the wage garnishment action than it is to negotiate a plan to keep it from happening.

When you are faced with a garnishment of wages in Virginia, D.C. or Maryland, you need to speak with an experienced tax wage garnishment attorney to protect your livelihood and ability to provide for your family immediately. Pirsch & Associates offers an initial consultation so we can evaluate your situation and let you know what we can do to help you get relief from a tax debt wage garnishment so call us at 703-548-5182

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Our tax attorneys provide relief to residents of Virginia, District of Columbia and Maryland suffering under oppressive wage garnishments to collect state or federal tax obligations. Our law firm offers payment terms designed to fit your needs including credit card payments and flat rate payment terms in particular cases.

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