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Tax Debt Relief Lawyer for Federal and State Tax Settlements

Do You Owe Federal Or State Income Taxes?

When you have tax problems like owing income taxes from past years or you haven?t filed income tax returns for past years, the IRS or your state taxing authority treats these matters very seriously. The sooner you get proper representation from a professional tax attorney, the better chance that you limit the negative consequences. Once the IRS or the state sets its bureaucratic enforcement machine in motion and starts to come after you, it is nearly impossible to get them to put the brakes on their runaway train type enforcement procedures.


Before you receive a notice that you haven’t filed income tax returns for previous years or that you owe income taxes for previous years, you need to act. Many people that simply ignore these notices face serious financial and family challenges because the taxing entity will use wage garnishments, property liens, bank levies and a whole host of very nasty debt enforcement procedures.

Debt Settlement Relief

The professional tax attorneys at Pirsch & Associates PLLC deal with tax law issues and the IRS as well as state tax entities on a regular basis so we understand what the federal and state tax collection entities can and cannot do. Many people in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. make the mistake of assuming that they know the rules and limits imposed on the IRS or state taxing authorities. The federal and state tax agency representatives handle millions of unpaid back tax cases so you are on very unequal footing if you do not obtain an experienced tax attorney who has handled many unpaid income tax collections.

We can promptly prepare and file your previously unfiled income tax returns to ensure that the lowest income tax is assessed against you. Otherwise the IRS and state taxing authority will make its own tax return for you which will not include deductions or credits that you are entitled to. One form of settlement we can negotiate for you is a payment plan. It is designed to settle your Federal or state tax debt before the tax agency settles if for you. Another option in terms of settling your back tax debt is an offer in compromise. An offer in compromise is an agreement to settle your tax debt in a lump sum payment for a reduced amount.

Tax Relief Attorneys


A person who is without legal counsel when facing the IRS or state tax agencies on tax debt issues rarely fairs well. You must filed your unfiled income tax returns and you need representation for the best payment deal. While there is a cost to retain an attorney in Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C. with experience in handling back tax issues, the cost is usually miniscule compared to the savings from being represented.

It takes a qualified tax professional that knows your rights, tax law, regulations and procedures to set the parameters and context for an effective negotiation process to obtain a satisfactory outcome. Our tax debt settlement relief law firm will work aggressively to protect you from the oppressive collection enforcement procedures used by taxing entities and help you arrive at a workable settlement to your tax debt problems.

When you are faced with the prospect of having to pay back income taxes, you need to speak with an experienced tax attorney before the situation spirals out of control so call us at Pirsch & Associates to schedule a tax debt settlement legal consultation at 703-548-5182. Our tax debt settlement law firm serves the needs of clients throughout Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. We offer convenient payment options so contact us today to protect your income, your assets and your future.

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