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Payroll Tax Debt Resolution Attorneys

Save your small business prioritizing payroll tax payments

Payroll Tax Debt Resolution Lawyers – Protecting Your Business

When you are a small business owner, sometimes it is all you can do to keep up with changes in the Tax Code and making sure that you are compliant with your IRS or state payroll taxes. Representatives from the IRS, the Virginia Department of Taxation, the Washington D.C. Office of the Chief Financial Officer or Maryland Comptroller will come knocking at your door if you miss a payment or make the wrong calculations when submitting payroll tax payments.

It is the job of the IRS or state tax enforcement agencies to collect payroll taxes, and they can be extremely aggressive about it. If your business fails to pay a set of payroll taxes, you as the owner are personally responsible for the taxes as well as hefty interest and penalties.

If you are found to have repeatedly refused to comply with the requirement to make payroll tax, your business can be closed and business assets seized to satisfy the debt. If an IRS or state taxing agency is knocking at your door, we encourage you to call us right away.

Payroll Tax Debt

The IRS and state tax authorities definitely place a higher priority on the collection of unpaid payroll taxes than income taxes. Payroll taxes are otherwise known as “trust” taxes. The IRS entrusts employers to collect federal withholding taxes and FICA funds and forward them.

If there is no payment made, the IRS considers it misappropriation and quickly sends a notice.

The IRS and state tax organizations have no vested interest in whether or not your business survives so when it comes to negotiating with them regarding a payroll tax settlement or an installment agreement for unpaid payroll tax, they usually are not that cooperative and may not even consider an offer in compromise.

Hire Legal Counsel Who Are Experts In Unpaid Payroll Tax Representation

When trying to work with the IRS on payroll tax debt, you need representation by a law firm with experience that can effectively communicate with the IRS or state tax agency representatives to protect your business. If your unpaid payroll tax liability is substantial, you will need to submit full financials for the business as well as your personal finances as a starting point for the negotiations.

Dealing with the IRS on your own can be time-consuming, intimidating, and frustrating. Our law firm will focus on your payroll tax issues so that you can direct all of your efforts to the management and success of your business. When your small business is faced with the prospect of having to pay back payroll taxes, we will work with the IRS or state authority to enter into a payment plan.

If you are facing unpaid payroll taxes, call Pirsch & Associates to schedule an initial consultation at 703-548-5182. Our payroll tax debt settlement attorneys serve the needs of clients in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. We accept major credit cards.

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