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Probate and Trust Litigation

Contested Probate Lawyers – Providing Zealous Representation in Probate Proceedings.

Combining expertise founded on almost 30 years of experienced representing clients in contested probate matters, Elizabeth Pirsch has effectively represented many parties in probate disputes by carefully evaluating their claims and developing effective litigation strategies and defenses. Whether you are an heir, beneficiary, trustee, executor or any other party to a probate proceeding we will diligently represent your interest. Our law firm has successfully represented clients in high net worth contested probate matters including litigation of estates worth as much as $30 million.

A contested probate matter occurs when a party challenges the distribution of assets, the appointment of a personal representative or the manner in which the representative carries out his or her duties. We represent clients regarding all types of probate litigation including the following types of claims:

Probate Litigation

Probate Litigation

  • Falsification or alteration of documents
  • Claims by omitted heirs
  • Title and valuation challenges
  • Competency hearings
  • Misappropriation or fraud claims against executors and trustees
  • Missing documents such as a will or trust agreement
  • Claims of duress or undue influence
  • Trust challenges
  • Defectively prepared documents
  • Contested gifts
  • Conservator and Guardianship Proceedings
  • Unwitnessed wills under the New Virginia Act

When we evaluate a potential claim, we carefully analyze and value the estate before reviewing the documents to verify their substantive terms and compliance with legal requirements. We may even use forensic experts to verify the authenticity of the documents. Our law firm has handled claims both contesting and defending a will as well as prosecuting and defending claims against trustees, executors and guardians for breach of fiduciary duty.

We recognize that contested probate litigation often pits family members against each other and can seriously damage family relationships and create deep rifts as other family members take sides. While our first priority is to seek your best interest, we understand the importance of trying to avoid promoting this rift. Our estate planning attorney has had a great deal of success using alternate dispute resolution (ADR) to reach appropriate outcomes to contested probate disputes without the hard feelings that often accompany litigation.

If you are involved in a contested probate matter in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C., you can count on Pirsch & Associates for sound advice and skilled advocacy across the entire range of probate litigation. Our experienced contested probate attorney at Pirsch & Associates offer a consultation so contact us today at 703-548-5182 or visit our offices:

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