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Reduce or Remove the IRS, Federal and State Tax Debt Penalties

Federal and state tax penalties can quickly add to your debt, much the same way credit card balances can grow when you only make minimum payments. You may have an extremely difficult time paying outstanding tax debts as these penalties and the interest on the penalties continues to accumulate. If you are not diligent about paying the debt, the IRS can levy your bank account, place a lien against your property or garnish your wages.


Tax penalties and the interest owed on them can end up being a significant portion of the total tax debt that is owed to the IRS and the state. It is almost impossible for some people to repay the debt because the penalties plus the interest added on to the original tax debt make it very difficult to substantially pay down the balance without legal assistance.

Even if you simply file your tax returns late, you can be slapped with penalties. These penalties average about 5% a month for a late filing of a return. This number could rise to as high as 25% of the total amount that is owed on your return. If you choose to pay what you owe late, you could be charged 1/2% a month and up to 25% of the unpaid amount that is owed.

Reduce or Remove Penalties

Penalty abatement is forgiveness of penalties associated with tax debt that have been added over the course of the debt. You must show ?reasonable cause? and /or ?ordinary care and prudence? in order to reduce or remove (i.e. abate) penalties. If it is a onetime occurrence, and you have not had problems with them in the past, the IRS can be lenient about abating penalties. With the penalties that cannot be averted, we may be able to help you find the next best solution in order for you to get back into compliance with the IRS.

Avoid other financially debilitating enforcement procedures like wage garnishments, liens on property and bank levies.Sate taxing authorities may be less lenient then the IRS but it never hurts to ask for an abatement of the penalties if you have reasonable cause for the avoidance of the penalty.

Get a Good Tax Attorney

At Pirsch & Associates PLLC, we will work diligently to help you resolve your tax problems. Once you retain our offices, we will take care of all correspondence with the IRS so that you will not have to deal with the time-consuming and stressful process of dealing directly with the IRS.There are all sorts of options that we can explore when we sit down to talk about your tax situation. One of the biggest mistakes people make when dealing with the IRS is that they talk to them directly! It is never a good idea to do that because what you tell them may create more problems.

Many people who attempt to deal directly with the IRS or state tax entities make the mistake of providing information that they did not need to provide which leads to even bigger problems.

We have helped clients just like you abate their tax debt penalties, which allowed them to manage their debt and get on with their lives. We can help you relieve the pressure and hardship imposed by aggressive IRS and state tax agency enforcement procedures.

When you are faced with federal or state tax debt penalties in Virginia, Maryland or D.C., our experienced tax debt attorneys can advise you of your rights and may be able to help you start building solutions so call to setup a free consultation at 703-548-5182

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