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Dedicated and Aggressive Tax Law Representation Before the IRS and in Virginia, Washington D.C. & Maryland

If you have been charged with or are under investigation for tax evasion, tax fraud or any other tax offense, you need an attorney who has the experience to fight the virtually limitless resources of the government and protect your rights. The Internal Revenue Service has enormous resources at its disposal and constitutes the most oppressive collection organization with a zealous stable of investigators and prosecutors.Although tax issues can be extremely stressful and burdensome, they do not go away on their own if you ignore them.

If you do not take immediate action to face and resolve your tax issues, the amount you owe can grow with penalties and interest at an exponential rate. When you ignore tax issues, you can be subject to a criminal investigation. A conviction on charges of tax evasion can even result in you being sentenced to prison.

Failure to File or Pay Taxes

If you have been unable to pay your taxes or have failed to file taxes for several years, the penalties and interest can quickly balloon so that they dwarf the amount of the original unpaid taxes.

The IRS is brutal and may use extremely draconian and oppressive enforcement tactics including:

Liens on real estate including your business property or family home

Garnishments against your wages

Levies against bank accounts

Seizures of your business or personal property

If you are facing a tax audit, we can help you prepare for the audit and represent you during the audit process. If you were sent a notice that you were being audited from the IRS, it is important that you understand your rights and how to protect your interest during a tax audit. By asserting your rights and setting ground rules for the audit, you can increase the chances of a positive outcome to the audit. Our tax lawyers have helped many people just like you minimize their tax liability and safeguard their rights during IRS audits.

There are no more brutal or efficient entities than the IRS or a state at utilizing debt collection practices that can be burdensome and make it impossible to provide for your family or continue to operate your business. We can often help you negotiate an offer in compromise offering to pay far less than you owe. We can also file tax taxes that were not filed going back 3 years, or more if that will reduce the tax assessed against you. Whether you owe unpaid income taxes, payroll taxes, sales tax or any other type of tax, our tax attorneys are prepared to help you resolve your tax problems so that you can move on with your life.

Investigation and Charges on Tax Offenses

It is important that you obtain legal counsel as soon as you feel that you are the target of a tax investigation or if you have been asked to speak with someone from the government. If you are really pro-active and hire an experienced tax attorney before charges are filed, then the charges that get filed will probably be less severe.

Tax Crime Defense

Pirsch & Associates, PLLC has been representing clients with serious state and federal tax issues for many years. We have the experience and resources to protect our clients from overzealous investigators and prosecutors. We understand not only the criminal defense process but also the tax system and its intricacies.

If you are facing taxes problems with the IRS or in Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C., you need to speak with an experienced tax law attorney that can protect your rights, freedom and financial future so call Pirsch & Associates to schedule an initial consultation at 703-548-5182.

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Our experienced tax law attorneys serve the needs of those with IRS issues or those in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia facing serious tax issues. We offer a broad range of convenient payment options, such as payment via credit card and even flat rates fee in specific cases.

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