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If your loved one has passed away and they died with a last will and testament, the estate will typically go through a court supervised process called probate or estate administration. This process involves the resolution of claims against the estate by paying claims and distribution of the estate assets. Many of our estate planning clients in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. never have to go through the probate process because we use effective estate planning strategies like drafting and funding a living trust to avoid the unnecessary cost and delay associated with the probate process.

A decedent who has a living trust which was properly funded with the decedent’s assets will not require the supervision of probate court, but the successor trustee will still need to administer the estate. We not only work with clients in our local area of Virginia but with clients in the State of Maryland and Washington D.C. Pirsch & Associates offers its clients sound legal advice, efficient legal services and 30 years of experience. We have helped hundreds of families with probate and trust administration services.

Probate Rules and Practices

When you understand the different rules and procedures that apply to probate proceedings in your jurisdiction and by having the right probate attorney, you can save a lot of time and money. Although the probate law differs greatly between Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C., our probate and trust administration law firm can provide the legal advice and estate administration to prevent you from making costly errors.

Although the rules and procedure differ for the administration of an estate between the three jurisdictions in which our firm is licensed to practice probate law, our thorough knowledge of the process in all three jurisdictions gives us a comprehensive understanding so that we can provide exemplary legal representation. Our experience means we can handle your estate administration efficiently and streamline the process where appropriate to avoid delays and unnecessary additional expense.

When we manage your estate administration and probate process, it will mean that it will be done with accuracy and efficiency. You will not spend your time trying to fix mistakes.

Some of the trust and estate administration services we provide include:

Filing a petition to initiate the probate process of a last will and testament

Providing notice of the probate proceeding to heirs, beneficiaries and creditors

Distribution of the assets and debts of the estate

Filing a petition to appoint an Administrator or Executor

Preparing decedent income tax returns, Sale of estate assets

Providing required inventories, appraisals and accountings

Preparing federal and state tax returns for estates and trusts

Handling claims against the estate and payment according to priority

Discharging Duties

Our experience with estate administration and probate means that we know how to discharge the duties of an executor or personal representative. We can help you close an estate and satisfy your duties as a trustee, as well as assist you in preventing conflict to protect you from liability in the course of carrying out your duties. If you are an out of state executor, we can serve as your Virginia co-fiduciary to allow you to serve without a bond.

An executor or administrator is a fiduciary, which means that the person appointed is held to a high standard of trust in carrying out his or her duties. We can assist by helping you properly document your actions so that you can defend yourself from liability against claims that you have abused your authority. The probate process can be complex because you must take possession and control of the assets in the estate, prepare an inventory of the assets, and prepare accountings itemizing and documenting all receipts, disbursements and distributions.

Despite the differences in probate law rules and procedure between the jurisdictions for which we handle probate matters, there are shared similarities that can provide benefits to those who know how to use the process effectively.

The estate administration process in Maryland and Washington D.C. provide particular benefits if specific tasks are completed within certain time limits that may form the basis for avoiding other steps in the process. Additionally, you can waive certain steps if you know what forms to prepare

Efficient use of the probate process will save you valuable time and money. If you have lost a loved one, the financial and administrative task of managing your loved one?s financial affairs can be overwhelming. This process is even more daunting when you are dealing with the grief and loss of a loved one.

The experienced estate planning attorneys at Pirsch & Associates provide cost effective and efficient trust and estate administration so call us at 703-548-5182 to schedule an initial consultation.

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